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Our Team




Executive Director – Cynthia L Loughman, RN
Medical Director – Jerome Gloster, MD
Dental Director – Lucia Covato, DMD
Finance Director – Elaine Kulman
Practice Manager 
– Jan Kondel


Medical Providers

Denise Baker, MSN, CRNP – Board Certified, Family Medicine
Lucia Covato, DMD – PA Licensed Provider, General Dentistry
Jerome Gloster, MD – PA Licensed Physician, Pediatric Medicine
Joyce Sadik, MSN, CRNP – Board Certified, Family Medicine
Kehkeshan Shah, MD – Board Certified, Family Medicine    
Teri Willochell, MD – Collaborative Physician
Scout Farah, MD – Board Certified, Family Medicine
Bruce Ling, MD – Board Certified, International Medicine
Amy Hopper, CRNP 
– Board Certified, Family Medicine
Jessica Price, MD 
– Board Certified, Pediatric Medicine


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816 Middle Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
P: 412-321-4001 | F: 412-321-4063


After-Hours Statement

Call 412-321-4001 and the answering service will page the physician on call if you have a medical emergency when the Center is closed.

About Us

The North Side Christian Health Center provides comprehensive whole-person primary and preventative health care to the underserved in accordance with our Christian principles and values. We see caring for the health and well-being of people and communities as not only our work but our mission.