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Did you know there is an estimated 5,239 residents in the NSCHC service area that lack health insurance, including children, youth, adults and homeless individuals? There are those of us who are blessed to have health insurance either because we have employer sponsored health insurance or because our income is sufficient enough to pay the monthly premiums that will protect our families from the crippling costs of health care. But what if you were one of the millions of individuals and families who lack health insurance in this country, better yet in this region?

Lack of health insurance coverage remains one of this nation's most pressing social challenges and is a very real aspect of lives for many patients at NSCHC. Our patients face harrowing struggles dealing with chronic illness, which adversely affects their livelihood. Foregoing medical care due to lack of insurance should never be one of their struggles. There's no doubt that the need is huge! This is why NSCHC has established a Mission Fund (Free Care Fund). Corey, an NSCHC patient shared his comment in a letter addressed to NSCHC about his care and what the Center means to him:

“This (North Side Christian Health Center) is the only doctor’s office in which they address not only the physical but also spiritual healing as well. Never in my life have I had a doctor pray with me at the end of my appointment. It is truly refreshing in this day and age to know that they are here to help you and aren’t just out to make money. I love NSCHC and will continue to be a patient as long as they will have me.”

Our mission is to provide high quality health care to uninsured and underserved patients like Cory, so they do not have to sacrifice family or personal financial security to maintain their health. The North Side Christian Health Center Mission Fund is here to ensure that everyone in our medically underserved community can get the care they require and deserve with dignity and respect regardless of their ability to pay.

An African proverb states, “It takes a village to raise a child”, in the spirit of that concept, NSCHC believes it takes a community to help foster healthy lifestyles. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please partner with NSCHC to bring quality medical care to those in need.

Please CLICK HERE to make your gift. Your generous support is very much appreciated!

To learn more about the NSCHC Mission Fund and ways you can help, contact the Development Office via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 412-482-6827. Donations can also be mailed to:

North Side Christian Health Center
Attn: Development Office
816 Middle Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212


North Side Christian Health Center is encouraging Pittsburghers to learn more about our services and consider ways to chip in and support our very important services. NSCHC is always looking for support to help us grow and provide more support and service to more needy families and individuals. Our office is excited to hear from potential volunteers and we welcome you to call our office at 412.482.6823.


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Call 412-321-4001 and the answering service will page the physician on call if you have a medical emergency when the Center is closed.

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The North Side Christian Health Center provides comprehensive whole-person primary and preventative health care to the underserved in accordance with our Christian principles and values. We see caring for the health and well-being of people and communities as not only our work but our mission.